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The Daily Painting Challenge

Last year while perusing an art museum I saw a book for sale with a simple but beautiful cover. There were bright red tomatoes on a blue and white background. The scene was so simple yet beautifully painted, and it immediately grabbed my attention. This book was called "Daily Painting" by Carol Marine. It challenges artists to create small paintings often to improve on their craft and to feel freedom in painting again. It also encourages artists to start blogs where they can post their daily paintings!

That is why I am starting this blog. I read this book last year, but in 2024 I am deciding to take Carol Marine's advice seriously! Starting in January, I will be painting at least 2 paintings per week. I know that isn't exactly daily, but the point of the movement is to paint often. I have three boys under 4 years old and my time is limited, but I think it is important to keep painting throughout this time. It can be therapeutic and satisfying to continue creating in the midst of toddler chaos!

So, here it is, my announcement to the world--I will be painting twice a week every week in the coming year! It will be challenging but exciting. What will next year look like at this time if I stick to my word? Only one way to find out.

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